Carel Pietersz Fabritius (1622 - 1654) was a Dutch painter who was a pupil of Rembrandt and worked in his studio in Amsterdam.

Fabritius, who was a member of the Delft School and developed his own artistic style through experimentation with perspective and lighting, was the only one of Rembrandt's pupils to develop his own artistic style. A typical Rembrandt portrait would have a plain dark background with the subject defined by spotlighting. In contrast, Fabritius' portraits feature delicately lit subjects against light-coloured, textured backgrounds.

Fabritius became interested in the technical aspects of painting. He used cool colour palettes to create shape in a luminous style of painting.  Carel Fabritius's most recognisable works include A View of Delft (1652), The Goldfinch (1654) and The Sentry (1654).